Mastering Securities Lending: Optimize Your Investments

Magali Loison & Anup Patel

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Discover the secrets of Securities Lending in this comprehensive webinar designed for investors, financial professionals, and anyone keen on optimizing their assets in the dynamic world of finance.

Join industry experts as they delve into the intricacies of securities lending, the value it can bring, and the key role it can play in a wider investment strategy.

Key Highlights:
‑ Fundamentals of Securities Lending: Gain a solid understanding of the basics, from the history of securities lending and what it is, to how it works, and why it exists.
‑ Who participates and why: Discover the roles of key market participants, the motivations to borrow, and the key advantages of lending.
‑ Practical examples of Securities Lending: Illustrative cases will bring theory to life, demonstrating the significant value it can bring and how it aligns with wider investment goals.
‑ The Risks: Like all investment activities, securities lending can involve risk. Learn what they are and how Swissquote mitigates them.
‑ Interactive Q&A Session: Engage directly with our panel of experts, getting answers to your specific questions and gaining personalized insights into the world of securities lending.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to expand your financial knowledge and learn the full potential of securities lending. Register now for this must‑attend webinar and take a strategic leap towards financial success!

Pierre‑Yves Mingam, Product Owner ‑ Software Engineering Platform at Swissquote
Anup Patel, Head of Customer Success at Sharegain