Supported browsers
Security advice

For security reasons we recommend that you keep your browser and operating system up‑to‑date by regularly installing the latest version.

Besides providing better security and privacy, up to date software also gives you an improved user experience in terms of functionality, performance, speed and ease of usability.

List of supported browsers

This list is regularly updated (last update as of December 2023) and documents all browser versions that are compatible with Swissquote’s website and platforms. Using other browser versions may work, but could prevent important features from working correctly.

✓ Microsoft Edge96 and more recent
✓ Mozilla Firefox94 and more recent
✓ Google Chrome96 and more recent
✓ Apple Safari15 and more recent
Why do we discontinue the support for older browser versions?

In general, older versions of web browsers are more prone to performance and security issues, because they are not maintained by their manufacturers or otherwise. For example, older browser versions are not designed to support the latest Web features, which can cause performance problems and make them more vulnerable to malicious threats and attacks.

We keep phasing out the support for older web browser versions that might pose any kind of risk in order to provide you with the best and most secure experience when using our services.

Technical support

If you are using one of the above listed supported browser versions and experience any issues with the functionality of Swissquote’s website or platforms, please contact us.

Please note that we cannot offer assistance for changing browser versions or for any issues you encounter when using an unsupported browser version.

Got further questions?

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