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What is required to open an account


ID document (passport, ID card) and a proof of residence (not older than 6 months)


Access to a camera (phone, tablet, computer) for your digital authentication


Once your account is created, transfer the amount of your choice


Swissquote Account

eBanking platform on a smartphone presenting the Swissquote Debitcard
Swissquote etrading platform interface

Your gateway to Swissquote’s comprehensive offer of banking, trading and investing solutions:

  • Free multi‑currency account (27 currencies) with complete banking package and debit card
  • Low trading commissions (from CHF 5.—per trade)
  • Competitive custody fees (capped at CHF 50.—per quarter) Check the full custody fees list
  • Trade over 3 million products: stocks, cryptos, ETFs, funds, bonds, options & futures, derivatives, structured products and more!
  • Generate interest rates of up to 2% on your savings via Invest Easy

Forex & CFDs Account

Metatrader mobile platform
CFXD platform web charts

Your dedicated account optimised to trade Forex & CFDs with a range of cutting‑edge platforms:

  • Free multi‑currency bank account (15 currencies)
  • Competitive spreads from 1.1 pips
  • Trade 400 CFDs across all asset classes: from currencies, stocks and indices to precious metals, energy commodities and government bonds
  • Boost your performance with flexible leverage options up to 1:100
  • Enjoy a 9ms average execution speed combined with a 98% fill ratio