More than a protective shield for your investments

Options and Futures are forward contracts that make you buy an asset or commodity at a specific price by a specific date. Both products are suitable to hedge ongoing investments.

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More than a protective shield for your investments
The Swissquote edge
  • Competitive pricing: Start trading from CHF 1.50 and EUR 1.50
  • Exhaustive offer: Direct access to nearly a million derivatives
  • Trading desk at your disposal for advanced strategies
  • Extended trading hours: Trade anytime, 5 days a week
Major derivative exchanges
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Enjoy trading on the largest derivative exchanges

  • EUREX - European-based derivatives
  • CME - Derivatives for commodities
  • ISE - Equity option market for US covering NYSE, Nasdaq and Amex
  • Cboe - US exchange for options and futures on the VIX volatility index as well as options on the SPX, DJX and NDX 
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