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An investment and saving solution with Swiss security, attractive return opportunities and tax relief for your 3a pillar plan.

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Choose the predefined strategy that best matches your aspirations. On the one hand, a Saving Strategy designed to provide a constant return; on the other, several investment strategies intended to generate significant potential returns.

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In 2024, the maximum amount employees can pay into their 3a pillar is CHF 7’056 per calendar year. 
For the self‑employed, the ceiling is 20% of net income, with a maximum of CHF 35’280 per year.

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Enjoy low fees and optimise your returns.


3a Saving Strategy

Management fees No fees 
Minimum deposit amountCHF 100 
Interest rate1%*

*The interest rate is based on the Saron benchmark rate, which means that fluctuations in this rate will have a direct impact on the interest rate applied.


3a Balanced Strategy, 3a Dynamic Strategy, 3a Ambitious Strategy

Management fees 0.6% 
Minimum deposit amountCHF 100 
Minimum reinvestmentCHF 100

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