So your savings keep on saving. 

Our Saving Strategy has been carefully designed to keep your savings from sitting idly in your account. 100% cash, fee‑less and multi‑currency, this strategy offers interest rates of up to 2% with no minimum deposit.

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High interests, no fees.


Interest rates
0 – 50’0001%1.5%1.75%2%
50’001 – 100’0000.50%0.75%1%1.25%
Over 100’0000.10%0.30%0.50%0.75%
Conditions and Fees
Cash‑out limit25’000/month*
Notice period to exceed cash‑out limit without penalty3 months
% penalty over 25’000 cash‑out1%
Strategy feeNo fees
Minimum depositCHF/ EUR/ USD/ GBP 1

*Not applicable to transfers to another Invest Easy strategy or currency conversions within Saving Strategy, which are free of restrictions and limit.

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The step by step to rewarding savings


Open your account and activate Invest Easy via eBanking. 

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Pick a strategy according to your risk tolerance or saving goals.


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Saving Strategy is part of Invest Easy, our investment and saving solution for simplicity‑seekers, offering professionally predefined strategies for every risk appetite or saving goals.