Stocks Trading fees

1.1 Stock Markets

A charge of 0.85 is added to each transaction in the corresponding currency to cover the cost of making information available in real time on the interface.

Transactions valueSIXGermanyNyse, Nasdaq Amex, Composite
Nyse Arca
BernEuronext, Milan,
Vienna, Scandinavia,
London, Spain
500 – 1k1010102025253535
1k – 2k2020202025253535
2k – 10k3030303030304550
10k – 15k5555555555557580
15k – 25k808080808080110120
25k – 50k135135135135135135190200
> 50k190190190190190190270290
Transactions‑valueHong Kong
0.00 – 16'000.00250
16'000.01 – 80'000.00350
80'000.01 – 120'000.00500
120'000.01 – 200'000.00750
200'000.01 – 400'000.001'100
> 400'000.001'600



0.00 – 250'000.003'000
250'000.01 – 1'000'000.004'000
1'000'000.01 – 2'000'000.007'000
2'000'000.01 – 3'000'000.0010'000
3'000'000.01 – 6'000'000.0017'000
> 6'000'000.0025'000

1.2 OTC (Over the Counter)

Amount of commission

0.5%, Min 100
Currencies: AUD ‑ CAD ‑ CHF ‑ EUR ‑ GBP ‑ USD
other currencies in CHF

1.3 IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Amount of commission

0.25%, Min 50
Currencies: AUD ‑ CAD ‑ CHF ‑ EUR ‑ GBP ‑ USD
other currencies in CHF

  • The Rates contained in the following downloads are subject to change without advance notification and at any time. Please check current rates on a regular basis.
  • Fees indicated can also be subject to local stock exchange or governmental taxes.
  • To place your orders by telephone: +41 44 825 88 88.
  • Lists of fees to download in pdf format: Other accessible markets

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