Semiconductor Industry Certificate

Caught up in our daily use of all the technology miracles we rely on, we don’t often find ourselves wondering about the intricacies and enablers behind. Semiconductors such as memory chips or processors represent, however, a foundational catalyst and the backbone of modern society. Swissquote’s new Semiconductor Industry Certificate brings together utmost leaders of the sector into a technology‑focused, highly promising themed portfolio.


Semiconductor Industry

ISIN: CH1181303780

Semiconductors are not only a pre‑requisite for any endeavours into emerging technologies – such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing or autonomous vehicles –, but a cornerstone every industry relies on. As a result, it is a considerably strategic sector with highly specialised companies, strong entry barriers, a solid support from governments and good prospects. Indeed, a McKinsey analysis suggests the industry’s annual growth could average from 6 to 8 percent a year up to 2030, leading to a 1$ trillion dollar industry by the end of the decade.
Swissquote’s new Semiconductor Industry Certificate invests in companies that are key actors in providing semiconductor‑related products and services. Manufacturers of memory chips, suppliers of analogue integrated circuits, chip designers, electronic design automation software providers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment vendors, wafer suppliers and manufacturers of PV systems, among others.



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