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What makes Swissquote’s Yield Boosters special?

Every week, our experts carefully design Barrier Reverse Convertibles (BRCs) offering maximum value and protection to our clients. They always follow our 3 golden rules:

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Hot off the press, we have designed this week’s Yield Boosters to offer optimal potential according to the latest market data and forecasts. Our On‑Trend option provides a better capital protection, while our François Bloch's option offers a more substantial coupon at the cost of a slightly higher risk.

Subscription to each product is available for a limited period. You can subscribe to our Yield Boosters online via our Swissquote Trading platform or by calling our Customer Care Center at +41 44 825 88 88 from Monday to Friday (08h00 ‑ 22h00).

Unfamiliar with BRCs?

Our BRCs are actually simple, pre‑packaged structured products. We teach you the ins and outs in our education section below.

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Richemont, Kühne + Nagel, VAT Group
Coupon: 11.31% p.a.Underlyings: Richemont, Kühne + Nagel, VAT GroupBarrier: 66.00%Maturity: 12 monthsCurrency:
ISIN: CH1305627338
Our On‑Trend BRCs offer attractive yields while keeping risk to a minimum thanks to a more lenient EU‑style barrier. From the creative minds that brought you intuitive thematic investing with Themes Trading. Years of applied market strategy experience at your service, crafting quality investment products that capture real‑world opportunities.
On‑Trend Yield Booster of the week
Why subscribe to this product
« Our product of the week focuses on three Swiss companies whose financial stability and growth prospects make them trustworthy assets for the year ahead. Richemont, one of the world’s largest luxury goods companies, owns brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Piaget… »
Subscription time left:04 Days : 08 Hours : 49 Minutes
Meta Platforms, Netflix, Nvidia
Coupon: 20.18% p.a.Underlyings: Meta Platforms, Netflix, NvidiaBarrier: 52.50%Maturity: 12 monthsCurrency:
ISIN: CH1305627353
While our François Bloch BRCs feature a less forgiving US‑style barrier, their yields can range from outstanding to mind‑blowing! They are meticulously selected by François Bloch, finance journalist and editor of ‘The Week’. He is one of Switzerland’s foremost investment strategists, boasting a vast experience in asset and fund management as well as structured products.
François Bloch’s Yield Booster of the week
Why subscribe to this product
« The global technology giants are currently setting the pace on the international stock markets, with the Nasdaq 100 Index components smashing all previous price records on a monthly basis. We have focussed on those giants that already enjoy unchallenged market dominance thanks to a clearly thought‑out… »
Subscription time left:04 Days : 18 Hours : 49 Minutes

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