Bitcoin Active 2.0 Certificate

The cryptocurrency carriage is drawn by Bitcoin bulls. By now, Bitcoin is the standard for decentralized digital currencies. This crypto‑asset has been around the longest, is most widely accepted and enjoys the highest daily trading volumes while having the highest market capitalisation. Let’s mine for this digital gold!

Bictoin golden coin
Bitcoin Active 2.0

ISIN: CH0542378622

Investors interested in entering the cryptocurrency markets view Bitcoin as an essential investment. While the high returns on offer tempt speculators, many traders are concerned by extreme volatility. The aim of the Swissquote Bitcoin Active 2.0 certificate is to lower exactly this volatility by increasing the amount of cash held during periods of uncertainty and downturns to help create more consistent potential returns in the long run. The investing process in this certificate is very straightforward. Interested in the mini version of this certificate?


Bitcoin Active 2.0
1 month return
47.62 %
Risk / return scale 
Smarter Bitcoin Investment There is mounting evidence that cryptocurrency led by Bitcoin will revolutionize global monetary systems. Easy of trading, rapidly expanding user network and general acceptance of a digital currencies as a form of exchange. Even critics have lower their attacks on the validity of cryptocurrencies as increasingly established individuals, financial institution and governments integrate cryptocurrencies into their business strategies. Bitcoin has become the standard for decentralized digital currencies. The crypto-asset has been around the longest, most widely accepted, largest daily trading volume and with highest market capitalization. Investors interested in entering the cryptocurrency markets view Bitcoins as a must investment. While high returns tempt speculators, extreme volatility obviously concerns many investors. Certificate Advantage The Swissquote Bitcoin Active Certificate object is to lower volatility while participating in upside returns. We built our strategy to focus on reducing volatility by increasing the amount of cash on periods of uncertainties and downturns. This lower volatility strategy is designed to decrease volatility in order to help create more consistent return potential in the long-run. Quantitative Algorithm Volatility smoothing algorithm 1.create propriety indicators indicators: technical patterns, realized volatility measures, buy/sell pressure measures, social media sentiment. 2.Machine Learning algorithm to predict the short-term direction of futures returns based on those indicators. 3.Asset allocate between 60% and 100% of our portfolio in Bitcoin and depending on the confidence in the predicted future direction in an effort to reduce the strong volatility. The rest is invested in USD. Easy to trade Certificate The investment process in our certificate is very straightforward. The exposure is only Bitcoin and cash, and easily traceable. You can trade our certificate on the SIX exchange. Cybersecurity is one of our primary concern and while it is very easy to trade the certificate, there is also no possible hassle or theft. Indeed we handle all the security of your funds. We make sure that you do not have to worry with any private keys or storage, we handle that for you.
Bitcoin Active 2.0
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