Bitcoin Active 2.0 Mini Certificate

Bitcoin is the undisputed cryptocurrency leader. Known for its high volatility, it is popular with adrenaline‑seeking investors. With the largest market capitalisation, Bitcoin is the most widely traded cryptocurrency and boasts high daily trading volumes. Take advantage of potential long‑term returns, while benefiting from reduced volatility, and all this with small amounts.

Bitcoin golden coin

Bitcoin Active 2.0 Mini

ISIN: CH0596607769

Despite being one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is highly volatile. And, understandably, that can scare some investors. The objective of this "Bitcoin Active 2.0 Mini" certificate is to reduce this volatility by increasing the portion of cash held during periods of uncertainty and slowdown. In other words, the certificate is apportioned to Bitcoin in a variable amount of 60% to 100%, depending on the level of confidence in future developments, the rest being invested in Swiss francs. This strategy thus enables more regular potential returns to be generated over the long term, while smoothing volatility. Interested in the complete version of this certificate?



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