Cannabis 2.0 Certificate

Once branded « the Devil’s weed » but now a rising star of alternative medicine, cannabis is globally recognized for its therapeutic properties. Legalisation in many parts of North America has sparked a rapid growth in the industry. Take a look at this certificate and find out what the hemp plant can do for your finances.

Cannabis leave

Cannabis 2.0

ISIN: CH0587304764

As one of the fastest‑growing industries, the cannabis industry deserves recognition. With sales estimated to reach $75 billion by 2030, cannabis is set to become a very lucrative segment. Taking effect in Canada as early as 2018, the legalisation of recreational pot is now a reality. This theme encompasses all the possibilities offered by this industry, mostly focusing on North American cannabis pure‑player firms with high growth potential. Ranging from early‑stage production and distribution to final consumption for personal and medical use, the Cannabis Certificate provides full coverage of the marijuana industry, allowing for the highest expected returns.



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