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The metaverse concept is a great example how reality gradually catches up with science fiction, channeling an appealing sense of wonder among human beings. Once reserved to movie screenplays, the idea of people meeting, working or playing using virtual reality devices, has hit real life. Catch the meta vibe with Swissquote and invest in companies related to this 3D immersive environment.

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ISIN: CH1129852609

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation at Facebook’s annual AR/VR conference announcing the rebrand of Facebook to Meta, it’s clear that the future of social media is headed in the direction of a metaverse, a 3D immersive environment shared by multiple users in which participants can interact with each other via avatars. In this new era, where digital lives will be just as important as physical ones, the digital goods economy is flourishing, as companies recognised the sector’s enormous potential. ARK Invest estimates that revenue from virtual worlds will compound 17% annually from roughly USD 180 billion today to USD 390 billion by 2025. Bloomberg Intelligence is even more optimistic, predicting the market opportunity for the metaverse to reach USD 800 billion by 2024. The Swissquote Metaverse Certificate invests in companies that are expected to benefit from the metaverse, including but not limited to, companies creating virtual worlds, developing hardware to access the metaverse or enabling digital payments.



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