Rare Earth Metals Certificate

If you wonder what Scandium, Yttrium, Cerium & Co can do for your wallet, don’t quit this page! The in total 17 rare metals often have no viable substitute and make high‑tech electronics work. We have scrutinised companies that are part of their production value chain, including exploration, mining and processing.

A big piece of metal

Rare Earth Metals

ISIN: CH0434695042

The irony is real: the world is running out of (often non‑substitutable) rare earth metals, but our modern lifestyle would not be possible without them. Rare earth elements (REE) are a set of seventeen metallic elements that make everything from smartphone to missile function. China has a monopoly on this market with 80% of the materials produced on Chinese territory. The Rare Earth Metals Certificate targets companies in the best position to benefit from a supply disruption of critical rare‑earth elements, whose consumption is forecast to grow by 15% per annum in the coming years.



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