Swiss Real Estate Certificate

Switzerland’s reliability in all fields cannot be overstated – and its real estate is no exception. With our new Swiss Real Estate Certificate, managed by Finstoy, a respected Lausanne‑based wealth management partner with more than 10 years of experience in providing tailor‑made financial services, you can now easily invest in the ever‑reliable Swiss real estate market.

A view of a Swiss lakeside with a beautiful building decorated with a Swiss flag

Swiss Real Estate, by Finstoy

ISIN: CH1282379200

Real estate has always been a staple in the investment world: its potential for predictable cash flow, serious returns, tax advantages and diversification have drawn investors’ glances all around. If to this, we add Switzerland’s attractiveness as a spot for property investment for its quality of life, healthy environment and exceptional landscapes, and sustainability as the mega trend in the sector, the result is a winning combination for anyone looking for not‑to‑be‑missed investment opportunities.
But how to invest in Swiss real estate without digging too deep into your pockets? The new Swiss Real Estate Certificate, managed by Finstoy, is a portfolio composed of real estate funds, which own buildings located in Switzerland only. The selection of funds is based on criteria including sustainability score, cost of debts and capital efficiency, with rebalancing and reevaluation of the portfolio twice a year: in January and in July.
Thanks to its reliance on moderate cost of debts, this Certificate allows investors to hedge against rising interest rates that may affect property funds.



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