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In our Digital Age of same‑day delivery, smart homes, social media algorithms and remote working, the ever‑more advanced technologies forge ahead to enable the smoothest, most seamless, highly immediacy‑driven way of life. The powerhouses of the sector have triggered a surge of demand among growth‑hungry investors, and our new Tech Giants Certificate has gathered most of them in a 21st‑century‑friendly thematic portfolio.

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Tech Giants

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Technology has reshaped in a major way how people communicate, consume information, shop, socialise and work. At the same time, technology companies have become a dominant driver of economic growth and consumer tastes, and they’re now perceived as well‑established and financially sound. Moreover giants such as Apple and Alphabet are now even more rich and powerful that some nations and governments.
The future looks still bright, as tech spending remains an absolute imperative for corporates globally. The global IT market is expected to reach $11.9 trillion in 2025 at a CAGR of 9%, while cloud computing, AI, Machine learning, Autonomous mobility, Healthcare, Quantum computing, Drone delivery or Metavers forge ahead.
Swissquote’s new Tech Giants Certificate invests in large market capitalisation companies that are dominant players in their respective areas of technology, including but not limited to, e‑commerce, online advertising, consumer electronics, cloud computing, computer software, video games, media streaming, artificial intelligence, smart home, self‑driving cars, and social networking.



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