A golden opportunity for your trading

A safe‑haven asset and reliable store of value, gold has been investors’ go‑to during times of economic instability and political upheaval. Tap into its potential through our Physical Gold trading, ETFs and Themes Trading Certificates – all with the Swissquote edge.

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Your advantages

Physical Gold (XAU)
Gold - Bullion - XAU

Physical gold (XAU) provides that trading sweet spot where boosting your take profit levels and avoiding unnecessary risk can brush elbows. Swissquote offers every perk to trade it with longstanding success in sight:

  • Your XAU positions are 100% backed by physical gold in the form of bars held in high‑security vaults in Switzerland
  • Participate in the performance of gold without having to acquire ownership of the physical metal
  • Low management costs and easy trading of XAU positions against any currency available on your Swissquote account
  • Depositor protection of up to CHF 100’000 per client 
  • Trade any quantity of XAU ‑ even fractions of an ounce down to 0.01 ounce.

Gold ETFs

Product Gold Page - Screenshot - ETFs

The diversifying and risk‑management qualities of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can make the ideal trading blend with gold’s hot opportunities. Investors looking to hedge their portfolios while capitalising on the precious metal will find added variety, reduced costs and high liquidity in Swissquote’s ETFs.

Gold‑focused Themes Trading

Our trading experts have done the heavy lifting for you when it comes to investing in gold. Swissquote’s Themes Trading Certificates gather reliable, potential‑packed companies and positions aiming to lower volatility, invest in gold‑related activities likely to rally and achieve returns that are expected to outshine the profit generated by any other portfolio holding the same gold allocation.

The most malleable of metals makes the most solid of portfolios

It’s not one of the oldest investment assets for nothing. Gold is packed with return opportunities and a myriad of hedging properties worth having investors flocking to it whenever markets get spooky. Here’s why:

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